Tuesday, October 13, 2015

30 Zulhijjah 1436H
13 Oktober 2015
She is now 8yo

1. Rindu the keringtingness of her hair..now wavy jer
2. Weight less than 18kg
3. Tahun ini ada banyak kemajuan bab makan makan: mula makan roti buku (without crust), makan nuttela spread, spegetti sos tomato tanpa meatballs, mula makan nasi berkuah kari (sikit je pun kuahnya), epel merah (sebelum ni hanya apel hijau tanpa kulit), apel hijau dengan kulit (she loves masam2! thanked god she loves fruits).
4. Sekolah: average girl. Awesome and smart girl in training. Smart dunia dan akhirat..insya Allah
5. Kekadang pergerakan dia agak perlahan..maksudnya macam tidak spontan..slow n easy budaknya. serius weh dia macam hidup di zaman hippie giteww...Mommy pun slowly la train dia jadi pantas sedikit.huahuahua..entah la bagi aku itu satu masalah juga la..dia macam kurang cargas melainkan kena suara halilintar baru dia laju sikit lah!tak tau la mungkin dia underweight ?motor pergerakan pun jadi slow? entah lah...harap suatu hari nanti dapat selesaikan masalah ini...
6. Ada la juga good manners macam dia tolong pegangkan pintu bila ada orang di belakangnya atau orang hendak keluar di hadapannya (harapnya berterusan sebab sangat rare dah orang buat macamtu and never say thank you!).. Dia juga tahu bakar sampah tu tak boleh...salah...hahah tengok la mommy dia keje kat mana..dia tahu basic tentang recycling.
7. Dia pandai la juga bahasa arab dan jawi...errr...mommy nyer 123 pun tak lepas..huaargghhhh..nangis..mommy yang banyak kena improve sebenarnya!
8. Dia dan adik so far boleh get along..adalah episod cemburu pada perkara2 kecil yang disangka mommy nyer tak sayang dia..padahal umur dia dah kena banyak berdikari so memang banyak train dia untuk lebih berdikari lah kan..tapi takut-takut juga disalah tafsir yang parents dia tidak 'kisah'm hal dia lagi..sebab banyak bende kena buat sendiri..especially sejak2 ada adik nih..kebetulan sahaja yang..kena constantly beritahu tujuan dia kena buat sendiri..bukan sebab mommy dah tak kisah sebab nak fokus pada adik.

Ok lah..sampai sini dulu..tataaaa....

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Salam...hi..Alhamdulillah im still Alive!!hahaha

Until 3rd June 2015..the things i would loved to remember:


1. Continues on my fertility treatment at HUKM. Nidz join the initial test for the husband. The result was "slow swimmer"..hehehe

2. Feb 2013 - Went to London with nidzam. Coincidently i celebrated my birthday in London..twice already..gempak plak rasa...tapi rasa insaf jap sebab Tanah Suci Mekah tak sampai lagi..insya Allah the rezeki will come. 

3. Mei 2014- When to China for ASEAN EIA workshop in Yixing, China

4. Alhamdullillah i got pregnant on May 2015! I never thought that month will be the month..i was in very busy scheduled on that month..went to Cameron Highlands, China and Perlis..all back to back.so i thought i had the slightest chance of getting pregnant due to one particular reason that i shall reserve it lah..shhhhh..hahhaha..BUT with Allah's will and he said 'Kun fa ya Kun'...its done! Allah knows best when is the right time and moment for us to have another child..and knows we are really ready for it.

5. Raising little miss kakak , to me its really quite a challenge..i really enjoyed the 6 years of mommy-daughter moment. Boleh fokus kepada beberapa perkara yang dia perlu pelajari, especially on socializing and getting her to eat. The toughest ever event until now im still in the battle. But slowly progressing..insya Allah.

6. Kakak was happy...boleh la jadi teman kakak nanti. We had a bet. Kalau kakak vote for a girl. Me have no choice have to vote for a boy. She called it Kumpulan Girl and Kumpulan Boy. Siapa kalah kena bagi hadiah kepada yang menang. Being a mother..i have to standby hadiah lah eventhou kalau mommy yang menang!lol!

7. Bad first trimester- vomiting like no body business, but i make sure im well hydrated after that..hahaha.. ponteng puasa, ponteng beraya rumah saudara dan rakan. All because tak larat. Totally different experience during Miss kakak, had smooth sailing from day 1 till deliver.

8. In February 2015: Putrajaya doctor suggest for c-section birth as this was considered 'Precious Pregnancy' my preciousssssss..remember g:holib gholum of LOTR??- So..why precious pregnancy? because (1) i had sub-fertility case (susah pregnant after previous pregnancy, some might have it on third child); (2) undergo fertility treatment; and age wise..alaaa im not that old..but u know the 35 yo-deadline-to-get-pregnant kind of policy.

9. February 2015: The best and blessed day..safely delivered a.....drumroll.......baby GIRL!!! at week 38, wt 2.7kg. She healthy and beautiful!Alhamdulillah..all praise to Allah the Giver. Lil A a sister with 7 years gap with her big sister. Another anak dara in da house yawwww... We were the happiest parents in da world! 

10. Mommy hope both of u..Miss Kakak and Lil A will enjoy every moment together. Get to know each other well as being sisters with a huge age gap is not easy..both of you may have different interests, diff social interests, lots of hugs and fights and maybe a lot more that i could not imagine! Be for each other from day 1 and you will best friends when the 'break event' growth comes. Mommy had a lot of fight with Cik Alya (we are 9 yeas gap) when we were growing up..imagine i was in university and she was a rebellious 14! Kena penampau pun pernah!hahaha..Its like being a younger mother..macam tu lah..hahahah..and look at us now. Even Miss Kakak choose her (alya) over me when she's around!hahaha..

11. 2015: new work place (skrang dah tukar bahagian) and new pangkat (ntah aper-aper ntah after 10years!shhheshh)..ok..ok bersyukur dengan rezeki Allah. Amin....

12. I have to start engine all over again...with the baby lah..the diaper..the sleepless night..the pain...i had experience 2 types of birht methods...if you asked me..dua-dua cara pun sama sakitnya!My vagina birth also was another issue by itself..kes tau foo fa..hehe.. Cuma c-section perlu lebih berhati-hati bila bangun dari katil. 

13. Lil A admitted jaundice..dan meleret ke pro-longed jaundice. Jaundice sebabkan oleh breastmilk..sebab buat detail test all clear. The greatest unknow the real content of mothers milk. Banyak lagi nikmat Allah tersembunyi di dalamnya. Alhamdullillah. I niat nak BF sampai umur 2 tahun. Insya Allah. Pray for me okay. During Miss Kakak time..ilmu tak banyak..outstation banyak sangat..overseas lagi..in the end she weaned herself. Mommy redho. rezeki mommys milk sampai situ sahaja. 

14. Little from my experince: Give all out to the baby event if you feel that there is never ending feeding with the baby for you to establish good supply later on. Yes you will menangis or feel macam nak nangis (if you have strong heart). Never mind..its normal..because you are sooo tired and in pain. It will take maybe a couple or 3 weeks..and you will thanked your baby for the good supply you have established. By week 2 or 3 you can start pumping with great yield!

15. But now my stock supply is like 'kais pagi makan pagi..kain malam makan malam'..just like my good friend said. i have limited freezer storage in my current fridge hence my low stock. BUT im still determine to build up some stocks..tak lah banyak sangat nak buat sebab buat banyak2 sangat pun kang budak tak terminum and not so fresh already right? Ohw..im using Specra M1 pump..so far so good, puas hati!very portable, ringan and yet powerful. Bought it at mom and baby expo with good bargain. Seriously beli masa expo sebab murah!dan macam2 dia bagi free berbanding beli kat kedai..unless kalau dapat jumpa orang jual kat online with good bargain..why not! And know im contemplating to buy deep f:reezer for EBM storage. takde tempat la nak letak kat rumah..huhu..but i want it..especially the upright type. woohuuuu..drooooollll.

In between I've attended few parenting courses with friends and family. Banyak lagi ilmu nak belajar. One thing for sure sexual education the do's and dont of private parts..safe touch etc..perlu diterapkan dari mula anak pandai berkata-kata. Saya tak sempat nak cerita dalam blog..tapi akan cuba disampaikan verbally pada family and friends..insya Allah.

p/s: teringin nak attend CPR class..
Till then tata!!!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

bersarawang again...

 Wowww!!!! dah BERSARANG selama hampir setahun rupanya blog aku nih!!!! aaaaahhhhh!!! busy sangat ke kehidupan aku ni sampai tak sempat nak tulis walau sebaris ayat! so many things happened throughout this year..good and sad...ok here's a lil bit of krono,..as i can remember lah...

Feb 2012- My 32nd birthday! and Abah's Birthday!

Mac 2012 - My beloved nenek passed away...Al-Fatihah..didnt have the chance to say goodbye on the day itself..but i managed to say THANK YOU for raising me up to be what i am now..as u know, she took care of me since i was 1 day old. and appoligized for any dosa that i have done..

April 2012- cant remember! Referred my gurl to Paed n nutritionist at the hospital

May 2012- Nothing much! but i think around this time adlina starts to eat more.

June 2012 - she ate more fruits

July 2012 - Mommy's birthday!

August 2012 - Our 55th independence Day! 1st time pegi sambutan Merdeka di Bukit Jalil..tema 'J:anji Ditetapati' ...tak minat langsung tema tahun nih!
My gurl start makan dry-base rice..meaning without soup! and bigger chunks food. she tried telur dadar. she loved Nasi Arab!

September 2012- she tried broccoli!! watermelon!

October 2012 - she tried macaroni soup!
- do fun exercise with her..do math..reading..and spelling!
- i bought fun ink stamps to keep her motivated! i bought it at Popular bookstore. I spent almost half-an hour looking at the stationary!

November 2012 - she loved scramble egg! i letak cheese inside!hehehe
- its our 7th anniversary! Alhamdulillah..my dear buat surprise hantar chocs and ballons (yesss big heart-shape helium balloon!) Thanks dear ! ((HUGSSS))
- went for girls trip to Singapore..!it was fun!

December 2012 - I registered to a new school. I hope this one is better than the last..insya Allah..
So far so good and im happy with it! The teacher really understands her needs and my concerns..that is enuff for me. (*,*)

Nanti la kalau sempat upload gambar trip to singapore..and share some stuff..i have the time lah!heheh..(tapi kalu nak citer pasal my gurl punya hal semua nya sempat!hahaha) well..what can i say..IM A MOM! (:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

melaka trip 2011

alaa..lambat post..nak post dari hari ke hari tak dapat2..finally dpt curik masa skit..heee..pegi bandar M:elaka pada our anniversary...kami menginap di hotel s:ri c:osta..not bad..breakfast so-so, dia takde phone booking policy..dengan time cuti sekolah we manage to book a room once we reach there..room was ok cuba dia ada cabinat kayu berukir cantik yang pintunya boleh buka separuh je sebab dihalang oleh katil,too bad..trip yang simple tapi mcm2 benda boleh lawat at the same place, muzium dalam kapal (my girl sukeee sgt sebab sangat la dia perasan mcm jadi pirrate!pengaruh "j:ack and the n:everland pirates by d:isney) enjoy the pics! btw, mee curry & cendol at j:onker street tu are the besssttt!!!!


lamanya tak jengah blog..sangatt lama! ntah mana masa yang diberi sampai tak sempat nak bercerita..2012 dah menjengah, i still feel the same..tahun ni takde resolution pun..malasss..go with the flow..tanam dalam hati diam2 sahaja. 2011 meninggalkan kenangan yang indah dan ada yang sedih..indah sebab belajar nak lebih dekat lagi denganNya, dapat tambah ilmu pengetahuan, happy2 marah2 sayang2 dengan my family, yang sedihnya sebab nenek ku sayang kena strok, sekarang bed-ridden..dia yang jagaku dari lahir sampai habis sekolah..dia mengajarku mengaji, belajar kira duit syiling, siapkan bekalku ke sekolah dari tadika ke sekolah rendah (sekolah menengah aku mkn sendiri), ikat tocang rambutku, blajar masak (this is the best!), biarkan aku tido atas perutnya masa aku kecil and my girl pun suka tido atas perutku (-_-), at the same time dia dulu ketua m:arhaban Kg.B:aru..dan pernah masuk Nat Geo channel tau, pasal culture marhaban ni!hebatkan? aku harap dapat balas jasa2 nenekku dengan menjaganya..walaupun bukan 24-7 tp aku dah mandikan dia,teman tido di hospital,tukar diaper,suap makan, sikat rambut, letak bedak..iaitu perkara2 yang telah dibuat pada ku, masa dulu...Semoga Allah meringankan beban sakit nenek ku..

so, better appreciate someone before they're gone and u never had the chance to say..thank u and i love u...

insya Allah semoga diriku dibekalkan semangat yang kuat untuk menempuh cabaran seterusnya...my girl pun dah start kindie..semoga dia pun enjoy dengan new environment...kesian dia takde adik lagi..hehehe..insya Allah ada rezeki, adelah tuh ye..nway, enjoy urself being the only child with 'full authority'!!hahaha..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

survey or survey

awwww..banyak nya tak update! in point form bleh? lately been searching around about tadika for my gurl...yessss dia dah nak masuk tadika!nak buat mcmana dah kena keluar dari nursery dia.too early rite?in those days, siapa tadika umur 4thn kira advance giler 10x lah!tp not in today scenario..kalau hantar anak umur 5thn..teeettt..lambat sudah!kalau dia dah tau basic stuff ok lah..tp kalau baru nak kenal ABC 123..memang kesian la dia nnt nak catch up with others yang ade dah pandai baca! my dream tadika would be this

google:r:eal k:ids putrajy

fees dia = fengsan (-__-) but module dia sangattt besssttt! . am not going to elaborate on the fees and stuff.

but of course la go for affordable (rasanya boleh ajer, tp registration dia aje yg pengsan!) dan yg OK! pening juga nak cari area ptjya nih..again malas mau jot down details about kindies yg sudah di survey. hehhe sorry.

Then ive been searching around booster seat..dia dah taknak duduk carseat..am not sure about her weight and height wise dah ok blum utk duduk booster seat..(nampak mcm belum, but i'll see how). and am not sure to go for backless booster seat(i preferred this as it doesnt look like 'take up' so much space,doesnt look bulky la or high back booster seat..

sekarang ni memang bebas bagai merpati la dia at the back seat..most of the time i buckled her at the back, but no use lah..doesnt meet the safety purposes..hanya cover lap saja..and my dream booster seat is...jeng jeng

g:raco highback turbo booster
Google: Backless turbo booster

check this out! G:raco

It's all about budget rite? think about your future needs. I am sure there are many other options which good in value and doesnt compromise the actual needs. If have extra kacinggg..boleh la spend some fancy stuff and expensive services.